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Traceability Probate Research positive reviewsAs a Solicitor undertaking Private Client work for over 33 years, and acting as or for Executors or Administrators in hundreds of cases throughout the UK, I want to give a BIG THUMBS UP for the excellent service provided by Traceability Probate Research LLP.

I have not found any limit to their determination to find the information and evidence, I have required and they have always been very professional and a pleasure to deal with. I am delighted that I have found them.

Keith Rhodes MA (Oxon) TEP

Traceability Probate ResearchI simply felt I had to write and congratulate you on your prompt and efficient service in tracing my long-lost son. This is not the first time I have availed myself of your services in finding someone who had apparently disappeared from the conventional radar screen, so to speak. Indeed, if you recall, a few years ago I asked you to trace someone who I had not seen or heard from for over 50 years. All you had to go on was a birth name, year and place of birth, but you came up with a telephone number and address in less than three weeks.

Something you did not know, is that initially sought the help of former retired Scotland yard officer and he was unsuccessful so I engaged your services, which I have been doing ever since. Speaking as the editor of an alternative news agency, most of my team do not have a plethora of experience which is necessary and taken many years to acquire.

Although your forte is Probate Research, without giving offence, a private missing persons service may suit you better.

Investigative Journalist DS from West Midlands

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