Copies of certificates

Traceability copies of certificatesCopies of BMD (Birth, Marriage and Death) Certificates

We can obtain these certificates on your behalf. There is a standard service and a priority service available for these, but generally our standard service is usually adequate with a 14-day turnaround.

Copies of Decree Absolute

We have two options available here. One is where the date and case number and court is known. This is a far cheaper option, so at the time grasp as much information as possible. All three pieces of information are required to take advantage of this.

When you have been told by a third party that the beneficiary or the deceased person had been divorced before remarrying and this needs to be verified, a manual search of all courts has to be undertaken, which is a lengthy project.

Copies of Title Deeds

We can obtain copies of title deeds for a property which may be involved in some legal dispute. This can also be required in cases of Leasehold Enfranchisement.

Please be aware that property values only show on title deeds from April 2001. We do have other methods of ascertain a property value.

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