Beneficiary Tracing Service (UK & overseas)

UK and overseas beneficiary tracingWhen given a name, we do more than research the person. We learn about them. A search for a beneficiary on a will, or in the case of intestacy, opens our door to a new dimension. In the case of a beneficiary we are not always given information which tell us the gender of the person we are researching. Sometimes it may seem definitive, but a ‘Charlie Jones’ named on a will turned about to be a ‘Charley (female) Jones that had married a man called Smith. Names are our game and we specialise in history of where names were generated from, particularly surnames.

Given the instructions we receive, we sometimes look for siblings, parents and others associated with the family and much more work goes into this than meets the eye.

We are also mindful of transition from one gender to another, and as a matter of fact we search female beneficiaries for births from the age of 12.

We make contact with all beneficiaries (unless instructed to the contrary) and having verified the authenticity and kinship we provide contact details and documents direct to our client.

Overseas Beneficiary Tracing

Offering a similar service to the above, but can take much longer to get the required results. We will also advise if we are unable to operate to our full capacity in the country in question.

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