About Traceability Probate Research

We are Probate Researchers and are not to be confused with ‘Heir Hunters’. We work mainly for the legal profession in offering our services as well as HM Coroner’s, Housing Associations and Social Services.

We work on a fixed fee basis and all our services our outlined this way. Prices for fees charged are given up front before work commences where possible.

Our knowledge is second to none, particularly, where we are located in the North of England. We do know the difference between a snicket and a ginnel, and a bap, balm cake or tea cake. Door knocking is not something we shy away from, even in this digitalised world we live in today, in order to gain the correct results.

We are based in the historical area of Little Germany in Bradford’s City Centre. An area in bygone years which was the richest city in Europe, due to its textile wealth, and which the buildings around us still depict to this very day.

Our People

Andrew Brook, TraceabilityAndrew Brook is a senior partner in the firm and has over 20 years’ experience in this field of work. Andrew worked on his own for many years, tackling complex leasehold enfranchisement cases, which often resulted in tracing overseas beneficiaries. In 2008 Andrew stumbled across Peter and found that whilst they were both doing similar work, they both lived in the same city, and that perhaps they should pool resources. Andrew is an ‘old hat’ at this game and wants to verify every result we get with the GRO (General Records Office) indexes, as he is convinced that digitalised versions have some anomalies.

Andrew is a keen supporter of Bradford City AFC and has been a season ticket holder for many years.

Peter Gill, TraceabilityPeter Gill is also a senior partner in the firm and after spending 20 years in the golf trade settled down to a life in this field. Working mainly for friends searching family history Peter decided to go it alone in 2006 and began working on a fixed fees basis for various organisations. This was until 2008 of course, when Andrew contacted Peter to arrange a meeting in a local well known coffee shop. The rest, as they say, is history.

Peter enjoys music immensely and whilst listening to music on the various platforms we have today, nothing in his opinion quite beats holding a pint in your hand listening to some live band down at the local. On previous company literature it states that Peter is learning to play the organ, and he still is!

In addition to the senior partners we have our senior case manager, Paul, overseeing several research assistants dotted around the country. We have recently taken a Polish researcher under our wing, as Eastern European cases are emerging more and more.


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